Data entry with security, controls to assist intelligently with
information sharing and decision making.

The Centralized Operational Data Hub

A software program designed to minimize the workload for the crew and eliminate the risk of miscalculation and wrong data entries.

Sheets included

Pipe Tallies

Bottom Hole Assemblies

Trip Sheets

Kill Sheets

Well Plan


Over Pull

Stuck Pipe

Operational Sheets
for Industrial Applications

Intelligent software to provide access and control with your operational information

Well Information

Captures and displays the most essential data needed.
1.      Rig type, Rig Project Information, Client and Well Data
2.      Bit Depth
3.      Units - Imperial, SI (bar, kNm, ton) and custom units
4.      Air gap, water depth datum, Shoesize and depth MD/TVD
5.      Liner up to 3 pcs. MD/TVD on Shoe and TOL

Pipe / Casing Tally

Intuitive interface to import existing pipe tallies from Excel. Once selected (pipe tally or casing tally) each document gets stored to search and reference previous tallies.

- Import functions include serial numbers and length on each individual joint.
- Pipe Data Drop Down menu from libraries auto populates
- Options to add, remove and junk joints individually
- Tallies for each bit run identified by Well, Section and bit run #

Bottom Hole Assemblies

Service Company BHA sheets with the preassembled BHA components can be imported for reference into the software so the crew will have unlimited access. The length and weights must be transferred manually into the project.

Blowout Preventer Space Out

Models the variations in forces and energy affecting the entire drillstring during drilling operations. Endeavor’s engine considers the known inputs and equation solvers, which models every individual joint of the drillstring and the relationship between the drillstring and annulus. The engine also considers the geospatial position in three dimensions and amalgamates all sets of element equations into the engine for real-time calculations and outputs.

Wells Dashboard

Global access of all wells in an intuitive dashboard. Functionality to include import/export from Microsoft Excel for tallies and inventory. Historical well data are saved to allow 3 levels of access for different operational responsibilities to read, write with exporting capabilities and print.

Cloud Features


Any Where
Any Time
99.9% Uptime


Protected Data GDPR Compliant
100% Privacy


Every Month
No Extra Cost

Operating Systems



Smart Phone




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