Endeavor Technologies

A Global Simulation Technology Company

Endeavor Technologies pioneered accelerated simulation computing to solve oil and gas calculations in real-time. The approach is broadly recognized as an unrivalled technology mechanism to augment decision making. Endeavor’s technology stack is used in over 80 countries and hundreds of thousands of users.

At the intersection of graphics, physics and intelligence

Endeavor simulates math and science to produce a powerful experience in realtime without limitations.

This is the start of Endeavor’s journey…

Corporate History

Founded in 2011, Endeavor Technologies set out to revolutionize workplace training in the oil and gas industry. Since inception, Endeavor has developed state-of-the-art software tools that not only improve operator competency and workplace safety, but also reduce environmental disruption, and make operating more cost-effective. Our software helps deliver affordable, reliable energy by helping companies mitigate the risks associated with human factors.

The journey with Endeavor is partnership focused; we work hard to build meaningful relationships with our clients. We strongly believe that this collaboration produces leading-edge tools, as well as optimal customer support. Throughout our entire organization, we strive to work hard, produce results, and enjoy ourselves while we’re doing it.

Down-to-earth and hard working, our company is thrilled to bring innovative technology to the global market.

Leadership Team

Brad Reiser

Founder & CEO

Brad Reiser founded Endeavor in 2011 after identifying several opportunities that technological advancements could transform training and operations.  With a vision to continually innovate, Endeavor has grown into a global leader in simulation software by implementing revolutionary technologies, and partnerships. 

Kevin Reiser


Kevin Reiser leads Endeavor Technologies global deliveries and business operations. Kevin’s extensive technology background paired with his management experience ensures the integrity of all Endeavor’s technology, operations, and new business directions.

John Stansbury


John Stansbury, a 10 year US Marine, has a record of partnerships and building diverse cross-functional teams focused on creating value by resolving complex business and productivity challenges. Key strengths are leveraging broad industry experiences to drive successful business outcomes.

Kim Laursen


Kim Laursen’s entire career has focused on operational performance in the oil and gas industry. Kim’s global experience connects our customers requirements, Endeavor’s software technology into rapid return on investment and mass industry adoption.

Madison Philps

Director of Client Relations

Madison Philps’ career has been driven by technology, analytics and interpersonal relationships in the oil and gas sector. Maddie leads Endeavor’s partnerships with our clients, focusing on technology adoption, support, and guiding Endeavor’s customer centric product developments.

Josh Sallows

Director of Drilling Technology

With Josh Sallows’ substantial experience supervising and operating drilling rigs around the world, Josh recognized the impact that enhanced simulation training could have on the day-to-day operations of the industry.  Josh’s intimate knowledge of industry procedures and challenges guides the simulation development and validates its efficacy.


Requesting a free demo? Looking for a customized simulation or technology that Endeavor can deliver to you? Contact us and our technology experts will be happy to assist you.

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