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IWCF and IADC approved
Software Available:
DrillingMPDWell ControlStuck PipeCustomWirelineCompletionsWell Intervention
Simulator Configurations


Delivers a powerful and portable simulator for mobile or semi-permanent setups.

X3 Datasheet >

Custom Engineered
for Each
Simulation Space

Our clients utilize the Endeavor Simulators for a broad range of training and operational applications to ensure a hyper realistic and immersive environment. Each Simulator implementation is carefully engineered to the simulation workspace ensuring optimal utilization of Endeavor’s next generation simulation technology. High-definition sound and displays along with industrial grade hardware enable a first-class experience at an affordable price.

Hardware Features
for X3 Simulators

Hardware, firmware and software innovations for desktop simulations

4 Screen Setup

Four (4) high resolution monitors mounted to a desk to immersive the student into the simulations.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Integrated touchscreen control embedded into the joystick panel provides the student quick access to real-time data readouts and equipment controls.

The HMI advantage >


Connect multiple devices into the simulation for a multi-user environment.

Custom Setup

Plug and play into existing video walls and external monitors for a larger X3 Simulator environment.

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