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IWCF and IADC approved
Software Available:
DrillingMPDWell ControlStuck PipeCustomWirelineCompletionsWell Intervention
Simulator Configurations


Delivers immersion with high resolution graphics. The ideal solution when space is limited.

X2 Datasheet >

Custom Engineered
for Each
Simulation Space

Our clients utilize the Endeavor Simulators for a broad range of training and operational applications to ensure a hyper realistic and immersive environment. Each Simulator implementation is carefully engineered to the simulation workspace ensuring optimal utilization of Endeavor’s next generation simulation technology. High-definition sound and displays along with industrial grade hardware enable a first-class experience at an affordable price.

Hardware Features
for X2 Simulators

Hardware, firmware and software innovations for large scale simulations

Immersive Displays

Four (4) high resolution monitors immerse the student into the simulations. Controls that adjust the viewing angle for comfort provides the user an ergonomically optimized training experience.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Two integrated touchscreen controls embedded into the armrests provide the student quick access to real-time data readouts and equipment controls.

The HMI advantage >


Client colors, branding and lighting all available to customize your simulators to your company specifications.


Add the optional instructor’s kiosk and a remote choke station for training and examination purposes.


Integrate multiple simulations to one instructor allowing for a classroom setup to be achieved.

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