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What we do

We develop advanced simulation software for ultra-realistic training and operations. We don’t just offer software solutions – beginning with the initial design phase, we work with industries to understand needs, and begin building from there. We design hardware and software solutions based on leading edge technologies, tailor the software to your unique needs, and support you through implementation – including training your trainers how to use the software effectively.

Currently, our simulation software is an instrumental tool for:

- Industry-tailored training for well control and drilling operations, competency assessments and continuous learning

- Validating operations during the pre-job planning phase and throughout the lifecycle of the job function.

Why our solutions matter

It takes years of education, training, practice, and competency assessments before an engineer, supervisor or operator has enough experience to make decisions confidently. Most people learn best by doing – by practicing the procedures and various scenarios they may encounter on the job first-hand, and reacting to the potential outcomes. However, learning from your mistakes in the industry can be very costly – not just to a company’s bottom line, but to workers’ safety and the environment as well.

Endeavor’s simulation software represents an important initiative to advance workplace safety standards. By enabling companies to better train their workers, we can reduce the risk of injury and loss of life, equipment damage and costly downtime, as well as protect the environment from unnecessary disruption.

Our Principles

At Endeavor, we work and listen to enable our customers with software and hardware technology to optimize training and operations in the most cost-effective manner while providing substantial value.





We truly love what we do. What we do is challenging, yet extremely rewarding.

We attack challenges and push the boundaries of technology daily. We don't stop.

We deliver solutions by uniting with our clients, industry associations and partners.

We conduct our business with the highest of standards and business. No compromises.

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