Intelligent and Automated
Drilling Data Entry

Drilling Operations Toolbox enables intelligent data entry while automatically calculating the most complex wells. Save valuable time and eliminate costly errors.

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Automated Intelligence

Enter well data that is up-to-date and accurate, save time and avoid miscalculations.

99% Reduction of Data Entries

The system automatically completes hundreds of data fields based on accurate industry information.

Automatic Data Calculations

Hundreds of inputs are calculated instantaneously and accurately which ensures that real-time information is up-to-date which results in sound decision making.

Immediate Start Up

No rig integration required. Accessible online for real-time information and continue working offline with time stamping and logging functions.


Accurate Data

Eliminate costly human errors by ensuring the data the you are evaluating is up-to-date, compliant, and accurate to make optimal decisions

drag and drog

Configure Equipment

Easy to operate screens allow users to make real-time adjustments when required.

No computer experience required.


Oil and Gas Library

1000's of data properties within the system's catalogue that are confirmed and up-to-date such as Mud Properties, Volumes, Pipe Data and more.

3 easy steps

How Does it Work?


Login to the "Netflix" like interface to select your rig(s) that you have approved access to.

enter data

Import your excel sheet or enter your data.
DOT performs calculations for you.


Review your reports, charts and graphs to make informed decisions.

DOT has transformed the way our drilling crews manage important data. With the programs ability to graph automatically we can make timely decisions without questioning the data.

Jacob K.

Operations Manager

This is a game changer. Our rig fleet eliminated so many errors which has saved us millions of dollars in a few months.

Steve D.

Drilling Manager

Benefits for Your Drilling Crew

Collaboration for optimal decision making


99% drilling data input reduction with 100% accuracy


Complete and accurate records ensures timely operational decisions


Transparency throughout the rig fleet overseeing day-to-day operations


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