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Popular Wireline Simulator Features

BHA Library

Construct bottom hole assemblies.

Operational Procedures

Rig up, pickup, laydown and assemble or disassemble tool configuration.

Tension Models

High accuracy and configurable to existing software or well profiles.

Any Device

Online or Offline Solutions.


Compression damage, cable and drum physics, stuck tools.


Software Development for your systems.

Simulation Engine Features
for Wireline Simulators

Access Endeavor's precise mathematical models for ultra-realistic simulations

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The hydraulics model demonstrates the flow and pressure of drilling fluid, which the simulator uses in a multi-layer approach to model the complex physical phenomena that occur inside the hydraulics system at the core of well control operations. This includes the state, movement, and interactions between drilling fluid, gas, cuttings, formation, surface and underground equipment.


The simulation engine supports different types of fluids, oil and gas properties. The engine calls on various gas laws and applicable events when under pressures and temperatures. Many factors are calculated alongside the geometric conditions of flow.


Endeavor’s mechanical earth models take in account thephysical properties and processes of the bit drilling through conventional orunconventional reservoir types. By computing geological, geophysical, andgeomechanical properties the software engine calculates the energy required todrill through any lithological property, as well as complicated well bore trajectories needed to operate.

3D Torque and Drag

Models the variations in forces and energy affecting the entire drillstring during drilling operations. Endeavor’s engine considers the known inputs and equation solvers, which models every individual joint of the drillstring and the relationship between the drillstring and annulus. The engine also considers the geospatial position in three dimensions and amalgamates all sets of element equations into the engine for real-time calculations and outputs.


On the virtual drill floor the software engine builds physical behaviors within the drilling equipment and interactions between pipe and other pieces of drilling equipment – or workers – within the environment. The engine detects collisions, near misses and accidents in instances such as pipe handling mistakes by calculating pendulum, gravity and inertia effects.

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