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July 1, 2023
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Thanks for the Training Experience at the Endeavor Training Facility, I felt like it was a great setup for our teams to be able to work with you guys, set our objectives and then experience how it all came together. The willingness and ability to customize the Simulator to target our specific well section was great. Also the ability for us to log on and experience and navigate the remote simulator ahead of the actual training was very beneficial. It gave us all some valuable insight into what we could expect to see and experience on the larger in-house system. It also allowed us to fit it into our own personal schedules and at a pace each individual could set themselves. The interaction with the MPD controls service provider and the ability to have it all setup as we can expect to see it on board the vessel was also awesome. I could envision being able to pull up the remote simulations on the rig and be able to walk a crew through the systems controls, an actual scenario, or possibly even for a lookback review as part of an investigation or Lessons Learned exercise. It will be interesting to see how Endeavor is able to grow and develop this training approach as we move into the future, where I feel the need to train our teams will be greater than ever.

Terry G

Sr. Drilling and Completions Superintendent

I was very impressed with the level of collaboration from the Endeavor team. Whether it was Kim and Madison with assistance on the remote sim, to you with the catering and set up, and to Josh with the simulator customization. Was a pleasant experience and the training center was perfect space to help stimulate the discussion and learning that Hess set out to accomplish from the beginning.I think the time spent up front building out the various scenarios up front paid dividends because were able to seamlessly integrate various contingency scenarios within regular operations and make the simulator training as realistic as possible.

Phillip S

Drilling Engineer – Exploration

Endeavor facility was top notch and the team was very accommodating. Josh and the MPD operator were well prepared and the simulations were relevant to Hess’s upcoming well.


Field Drilling Engineer

Overall was really impressed with the quality of the facilities provided. The office space was comfortable and the simulator room felt real. I really enjoyed working through the events portion of the class where we would experience an event and then work together as a team deducing what the issue was. It made you think through the interconnectedness of the system. I felt like I walked away with a much better understanding of the MPD operation and how each component was tied together.


Day Drilling Supervisor

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