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April 29, 2022
Written by:
Kim Laursen

My journey with Endeavor started around 4 years ago, from early days of vetting the #simulator #technology, all the way to purchasing Endeavor’s suite of #drilling and #well control products. One of my major takeaways through the entire process was that the Endeavor team were genuinely interested in how they could help and what we would like to see in a simulator to further develop their simulation engine to suit the needs of the customer. 

I loved (and still do) the team and technology so much I eventually joined this fast-growing company to continue to develop industry leading technology.


Flexibility is important, and I know this all too well as my wife is a yoga instructor whom puts me through the paces almost every day. With our simulation software, we have designed it in a way that encourages and enables changes, additions, and integrations to be implemented quickly without interfering with the existing code base. This makes it not only agile but a software that has true organic growth, literally every day the software improves.

With a software engine that operates with this type of agility and flexibility, intuitively you would expect that there would be sacrifices made on the mathematical models... In the past two years we have created some of the most accurate customized solutions, from exact copies of equipment and downhole tools to surface installations and linking in our powerful hydraulic models. Absolutely no sacrifices are made to the software engine to have these types of flexibility in any of our products.  The reason for the accuracy is not just to have a close representation of the real condition but to ensure that the consequences of any user action is represented in the most precise way.


This is important because our software’s intelligence allows our clients an experience to operate the simulator with the flexibility to do what they want, when they want in a matter that makes sense to them.

As our simulator technology is governed by the laws of nature (gravity, buoyancy, thermodynamics etc.) with precise accuracy, the decisions that the students formulate results in the most realistic response. Operate the simulator as hard or rough as you want, you will break stuff and fail. By experiencing failures safely in as many ways as you want in an highly accurate virtual environment prevents real life instances of damaging equipment, causing environmental damages or personnel injury in the field.


Be flexible.

Experience our simulator software’s malleability and agility to have unlimited options to provide extremely beneficial learning and operational expertise.
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