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The Endeavor Experience Center

February 9, 2022
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Endeavor Tech

5 W's (Questions and Answers): The Endeavor Experience Center

Q1) WHO can use the Experience Center?

A1) Any company or individual who requires a simulation space to conduct simulation training on a day rate.

Q2) WHAT kind of training are you able to use at the Experience Center?

A2) The Experience Center is used for many training uses or promotional events. Historically, Experience Center companies have utilized customized simulations to conduct well specific or product specific training to prepare the crew before operating in the field. With over $5 million worth of simulator equipment and technology in the space and up-to-date simulation software with sim support provides your clients with the best simulation training on a pay per use model.

Q3) WHEN can you use the Experience Center?

A3) At your convenience based on availabilities. Typically most courses run between 3 to 5 days with a dry run prior to the course. All software and hardware are configured by Endeavor professionals prior to your instructors conducting the training.

Q4) WHERE are Endeavor's instructors?

A4) Endeavor Technologies DO NOT provide instructors to conduct training. We provide next gen tools and support for your company to conduct your training with the best technology and support in industry. We work hard to enable you and will never compete with our customers.

Q5) WHY did Endeavor build this facility?

A5) Endeavor's vision is to provide our clients a COST EFFECTIVE option to use the best and most immersive technologies at a great location in Houston Texas. We spent the money, so you don't need to. Rent the facility out when you need and leave the maintenance and software updates up to us.

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