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Simulation Evolution

February 7, 2022
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Endeavor Tech

Endeavor launches major products to solve critical training issues


The past few years Endeavor has been working tirelessly on new simulation products to facilitate a deeper understanding for oil and gas operations.

“We have listened to our clients needs and the simulator requirements need to focus on much more complex procedures and operations that cause significant downtime and risk if job tasks are performed incorrectly.” Explains Kim Laursen, CTO of Endeavor Technologies. “Traditionally simulators have been used for well control training, however, there is a great need for our clients to do much more with our simulation technology products”

With the oil and gas industry continuing to evolve; be it the evolution of automation, digital integration, or data and analytics to achieve a significant improvement in operational efficiencies. There has always been a focus on reducing risks from both a personnel and environmental perspective however, the simulator industry has surprisingly remained stagnant. Endeavor is leading the transition for more intelligent and realistic operational scenarios.

“Endeavor has an extremely powerful simulation engine which solves industry training problems that haven’t been explored before” Kim mentions. “For instance, our Liner Hanger simulation involves over 40 decision making milestones and if the supervisors or operators make the incorrect decision, our simulation outputs with the appropriate and realistic response. Our clients learning these operational techniques virtually are prepared now for when they go out to the field that they wouldn’t have normally wouldn’t have received this level of exposure, ever.”
“It is a waste of our students time, to be trained on simulators that don’t have the correct models and that are faked” explains Steven (senior engineer from major oil and gas company), “we have seen inferior simulations that train our students improperly and it causes more confusion to our class. With Endeavor’s simulations we know that the training is exactly like we see on-site which has proven to be highly effective in our on-site operations”

The core of Endeavor’s simulation engine processes mass amounts of data in better than real-time with 98.9% - 99.99% accuracy based on field well data.

“The well parameters that are entered into the simulations are the near exact replica of what is in the field” Kim explains. “Based on decisions that are made by the individual or group influences the operation. Sometimes the students don’t get the simulation right the first time, but the simulation outputs the response so accurately that the students receive the experience need to completely understand the ramifications and provides the pertinent context of what happens downhole.

Endeavor’s new simulation products – Managed Pressure Drilling, Completions and Well Interventions with unlimited scenarios to operate downhole tools and equipment hyper realistically is an industry first.

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