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May 21, 2021
Written by:
Brad Reiser


At Endeavor, myself and everyone that works here is uncomfortable every single day. Our customers who we work with on a weekly basis want to be uncomfortable every single day. It's hard work, it's definitely not the easy route, but it's so satisfying.

How can being uncomfortable be satisfying?

A few reasons. If you want to make a difference, if you want real change, if you want to be a little bit better then what you were yesterday then you put yourself in uncomfortable positions. That is who we are to the core, it's who our customers are. It's a never-ending goal to be the best that you can be, pushing yourselves to the limit and beyond.

Endeavor has been operating for close to 10 years (10 year anniversary comes in November 2021). Endeavor grew from a concept, asking a lot of questions to a variety of individuals and organizations whom strive for a higher simulator standard. The needs from the cohort were extremely difficult, almost overwhelming. The task to develop a better product, was extremely uncomfortable even to create a business plan. Our software development took way longer and cost way more money then we ever could have imagined.

It was extremely difficult, and many sacrifices were made to develop our software engine to process mass amounts of data in real time with a high level of accuracy to meet the needs of industry.

We hustled in silence.

We weren’t searching for praise or likes on social media. What we did require was criticism in our goal to develop what has not been achieved before.

If you really want to make a difference you seta goal that is outrageous, you put yourself in that zone where you are uncomfortable every single day. Don't compromise for anything less. Day after day, week after week, year after year you work hard, and find like minded individuals to be a part of your journey and vision and collectively can do amazing things.

That's who we are at Endeavor. Our biggest competition is ourselves. We continually push ourselves to be better every single day. Our customers have the same vision. Our simulations are difficult, highly realistic and accurate.

With all the changes due to COVID-19 we have all been forced to be in uncomfortable situations, to do things differently. It has been incredible to see how our customers have adapted to this change.

Remote learning, new software packages, new learning platform was a massive step change.

We've assisted thousands all of new learners, with this uncomfortable change over5million simulation minutes this past year. Within weeks, instructors went from no prior history of using our simulations or learning management systems to absolutely thriving in an online environment.

Instructors and students, adapted to these new systems, passing courses within a single week. It wasn't easy and there still remains many challenges in how we can be better with our product offerings, make iterations to make this system more intuitive, improve the workflow. We will never stop; we will never be satisfied and our developments will always improve every single day. At Endeavor we know that we can not take on all of these initiatives by ourselves we are so thankful to the IADC, the operators, contractors, service companies, and training centers in assisting us to develop our simulations and simulation technology to make our industry a stronger, safer and more efficient workplace.

Go hard, be uncomfortable.

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