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What is Cloud Simulation?

January 20, 2022
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Endeavor Tech

What is cloud simulation exactly?

Today, you launch a simulation on your local server or computer and your simulation only looks as good and only runs as fast as the processors and graphics cards inside your hardware rig. With cloud simulations, that “rig” lives in a datacenter full of servers, sometimes 1000’s of miles away. You stream simulations, just like you’d stream a YouTube or Netflix video, as a series of compressed videoframes — only now, those videos are reacting to your inputs. Every time you press a button, enter in a value, or make a decision, that input gets sent to a remote server, informs the simulation what you’ve done, responds and outputs you a new video frame that displays the result. Multiply by 30 or60 frames per second, and the user receives streaming content.

Essentially, Endeavor.One creates a simulation console in the cloud that you can access from any device. Similar to how Netflix is a “DVD player in the cloud” —Endeavor.One works in a similar way, but for simulations. The end user is able to access it on Macs, laptops, smartphones, tablets or PCs with the most popular browsers.

Endeavor’s solution is NOT a remote desktop where simulation is accessed through an existing simulator system. Endeavor’s Cloud Simulation operates differently. Rather than running the simulations on your own system, which would require simulation session to be reserved while accessing it. Endeavor simulations live on remote global cloud servers and are streamed directly to your device. It’s why our clients call Endeavor’s cloud deliveries the “Netflix for Simulation.” The technology allows for a level of convenience and accuracy not yet achievable on competitor’s simulators. Endeavor simulations operated via the cloud are not tied to one operating system or internet browser you’re streaming from.

Cloud Simulation also eliminates the need to install simulators and download content updates. When you select a simulation on Endeavor’s cloud platform Endeavor.One, the users access the most current simulation version to be available globally. As the solution is hardware agnostic, the user can instantly start operating the simulations on multiple devices without needing to install multiple times. 

Endeavor’s cloud simulation uses high powered processors and graphic cards in remote servers resulting in high level resolution and performance, regardless of the quality of your device. The user receives the same simulation experience operating on their phone or laptop far beyond what those devices could run locally. Ultimately ,Endeavor.One instantly converts nearly any laptop, desktop, Mac, Android, smartphone, or tablet into the PC Simulation rig required to run these high-fidelity simulations.

Behind the scenes, as Endeavor’s simulation continues to advance, the cloud servers will also upgrade the hardware, continuing to improve performance and efficiency. For cloud simulation to run, the simulation latency requires to start low, and maintain low regardless of network and system loading. The loading is significant as current Endeavor simulations demands massive levels of computation. Endeavor has developed this technology since 2017 and continues to improve efficiencies ensuring the best user experience in the most cost-effective manner.

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